Your treatment plan

Your physiotherapist will discuss the examination findings with you, explain the implications and answer any questions you may have.  With your agreement, a treatment plan will then be proposed that will include both advice and self-management.

Your first visit

On your first visit a comprehensive examination will be carried out.  The physiotherapist will ask you questions about your perception of the problem and details of your relevant medical history.  There will follow an examination of the relevant joints, muscles, ligaments and, if indicated, a neurological examination.

Please bring with you: Any hospital notes, correspondence, referral letters, X-rays, scans and results of any investigations you have had in the past.

Kyle Blackburn - Sports injury physio in Maidstone Kent

Kyle Blackburn MSc MMACP MCSP

Common things occur commonly, but rare things do occur

I have an Honours degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters degree in Rehabilitative Physiotherapy, which basically means how to diagnose and effectively treat ‘aches and pains’, irrespective of whether they are sporting traumas, overuse, or even a strain due to everyday living, such as back pain caused by an awkward bend when stooping to pick up a newspaper.

I worked in London prior to becoming a physiotherapist for Kent Police, a role I relinquished in February 2008 so that I could concentrate full time on private practice.

Tim Russell

Tim Russell Bsc (hons) AACP MCSP

Every injury involves body and mind, physiotherapy is the link between the two

Having always worked in the health & fitness industry, I felt it was a natural progression to move into physiotherapy.  I obtained my Honours degree from the University of East London and have been in private practice since 2010.  My career has so far been varied, ranging from regional hospitals in Africa, to treating athletes at test events for the Olympics.  I enjoy working with people and find it rewarding to treat a wide range of conditions from mild to severe.  I find that every patient presents a unique challenge, in turn bringing a widening of knowledge and experience. 

Away from physiotherapy I am a keen sportsman.  Not sure I will ever achieve an appearance at Wembley, Lords or Royal St Andrews but I can dream!


Dan Nesbit

Daniel Nesbit



Dan Savage

I believe that getting fit should be enjoyable and manageable.  I ensure that all exercise programmes are challenging yet realistic at the same time.  I think that variety is a key component of an effective regime as this helps to motivate people and keeps exercise fresh and exciting.  For instance, at one session we might combine kettlebells, the core stability ball and the TRX suspension bands to help build your core stability and overall muscular strength and endurance.  On our next session we might go out cycling to improve your general fitness, thus maintaining a steady improvement as we progress.