Purpose designed clinic in Kingswood Maidstone Kent

We have a somewhat different approach from the ‘old school’ style of physiotherapy. We are very much hands-on, manipulating soft tissues and joints to get information about how they have responded to injury, as well as to measure their response to treatment.  Our practice is very much about stretching tissue if it is too tight, strengthening tissue if it is under-performing, balancing and aligning joints that are not contributing fully to a range of motion, and reducing swelling.  All of these require getting hands-on, and physically, but in a ‘controlled’ manner altering the muscle, joint and neural behaviour.  We do not put people on machines that stretch them, make them tingle or just ‘beep’ occasionally and we don’t agree that it has to get worse before it gets better.  The idea of no pain no gain is a myth!

Physio Gym in Maidstone Kent

We do however believe that knowledge is power and we are frank and open in everything we do.  Only by conveying our knowledge to you in an understandable way can we achieve the best results.  We endeavour to deliver the best assessment, an accurate clinical diagnosis and effective treatment.   A thorough explanation about your problem will be given so that you may understand it and have an indication as to how long you are likely to require treatment.  Rehabilitation is an essential component of recovery.  That does not have to entail running around a gym.  It is essentially having the knowledge about how the body heals, also understanding the ingenious but simple rules the body follows in order to repair, at the same time maximising the effects of those rules to achieve the best possible outcome.  These are some of the key points that will assist in your recovery, your eventual return to functionality and a satisfactory experience within this clinic setting.

Your treatment plan

Your physiotherapist will discuss the examination findings with you, explain the implications and answer any questions you may have.  With your agreement, a treatment plan will then be proposed that will include both advice and self-management.

Your first visit

On your first visit a comprehensive examination will be carried out.  The physiotherapist will ask you questions about your perception of the problem and details of your relevant medical history.  There will follow an examination of the relevant joints, muscles, ligaments and, if indicated, a neurological examination.

Please bring with you: Any hospital notes, correspondence, referral letters, X-rays, scans and results of any investigations you have had in the past.

Debbie Mitchell - Practice Manager

Kyle Blackburn Bsc(Hons), MSC, MMACP – Physiotherapist

HCPC registered

Physiotherapy is the application of logical and thoughtful clinical reasoning and the basic laws of physics. It’s not magic, it’s not wizardry. It is an accurate well explained diagnosis from us (physiotherapist), and a willingness to do the necessary rehabilitation from you.

Having been qualified for 25+ years, I have seen fads come and go, the latest piece of electrical machinery, ultrasound machine or a new soft tissue technique.
The only ideology I technique that has stood the test of time in my experience of getting good results, is the application of a well designed, graded rehabilitation programme that is underpinned by good clinical reasoning and a logical thought process that is explained to you and is designed with your specific outcome needs in mind.

This applies to every single person and every single pathology, whether you’re 86 having had a joint replacement, 46 having had spinal surgery or 26 having had a sports injury. Or whether you’re simply just feeling your age.

“Physiotherapy isn’t always going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.”

Debbie Mitchell - Practice Manager

Steffan Cook MSc – Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

During my time as University I joined the British Army Reserve. A mountaineering expedition with an injured veteran sparked by passion for rehabilitation and physiotherapy; his story and continued progress still inspire me today.

I now combine my work within clinic and pitch-side as well as serving as a medic in the British Army Reserve after graduating St Mary’s University Twickenham with a BSc (hons) in Sports Science and MSc in Sports Rehabilitation.

It is my goal to help you take back control of your body and give you the tools to keep it that way.